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My journey to training responsible fathers by Halbert Sullivan

During my religious upbringing, I was taught, “Train up the child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.” These words help set the foundation for the work I do. I believe that effective parenting plays a major role in the emotional and psychological development of a child. Children are very moldable; hence, train up the child. In my opinion, the best training for a child comes mostly from two responsible parents.

I was born and grew up until the age of 15 in Memphis, Tennessee. I am the oldest of eight siblings, who were reared by a mother who was mostly a single mom. Eight children are a lot to provide for. I never knew my father prior to turning 55 years old. During my first 12 years of life, I met him briefly (maybe two times). I did, however, have a step-father, Fred Harmon, who was a good man but he was in and out of our lives. Read more here

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