The purpose of the HomeGrown StL Mentoring Alliance is to strengthen the ecosystem of mentoring for Black boys and young men in the St. Louis region. The Mentoring Alliance seek to provide the leadership and infrastructure necessary to galvanize collaboration among local mentoring organizations and serve as a clearinghouse for mentoring best practices, training, resources, and is the critical link to the HomeGrown StL campaign to support the expansion of quality mentoring relationships for Black boys and young men in our region. To learn more about the history and formation of the Mentoring Alliance, visit this page.

Where Does Mentoring Fit in the Lives of Black Boys and Young Men?

Relationships fuel the human spirit. As service providers, it is not uncommon to get caught up in inter-organizational minutia and lose sight of the essence of what this work is about. This is human work. We are facing entrenched systems of dehumanization that are built to devalue and minimize the potential of our collective impact. Mentoring fosters a sense of community belonging, and in so doing can restore the humanity of people we have long struggled to reach. The HGStL Mentoring Alliance acknowledges that people will make light of mentoring. We accept responsibility to convince everyone that this is the most far reaching work we can do to carry our Black boys and young men toward further interventions.


If you or your organization are interested in learning more about the HomeGrown StL Mentoring Alliance or to get involved, email Jasmine Green, Mentoring Alliance Coordinator, at homegrown@wustl.edu!