The HomeGrown StL Preferred Provider Network (PPN) is a collaborative group of cross-sector service providers committed to providing rapid, coordinated, humane, and healing responses to Black boys and young men across the Saint Louis region. Working in conjunction with HGStL Life Coaches through HGStL’s Intensive and Relentless Outreach Corp (IROC) strategy, PPN Agencies work to advance the wellbeing & economic social mobility of Black males in St. Louis by providing resources and services to HGStL Members.

Who Can Join the PPN?

The PPN consists of two types of agencies engaged in work related to one or more of HGStL’s 7 Pillars of Comprehensive and Personalized Care 

  • Service providers: Agencies with one or more programs that provide a direct service to clients or consumers
  • Aggregators: Agencies responsible for convening and coordinating the work of at least two other organizations and/or providers with a common purpose/mission

Any agency involved in this work that serves Black males between the ages of 12-29 is eligible to become a Preferred Provider.

Benefits of becoming a HomeGrown StL Preferred Provider:

HomeGrown StL supports St. Louis’ Black males by supporting the needs of the region’s community-based organizations. By taking part in the PPN, agencies can:    

  • Increase the number of referrals to your agency
  • Simplify intake processes between network partners
  • Increase organizational capacity for outreach and follow-up activities
  • Receive targeted opportunities for funding and collaboration
  • Receive professional development training on best practices for working with Black males and their families
  • Enhance agency and regional ability to track outcomes of Black males over time