Your agency can become a Preferred Provider by following these steps:

1. Complete the HGStL Regional Registry Form

Completing this brief HGStL Regional Provider Form will allow you to indicate that you would like to receive more information about joining the PPN. In addition, when completing this form you help us collect valuable data on the current state of services available to Black males ages 12-29 in our region.

2. Attend an HGStL PPN Information Session

After registering your organization with HGStL, you will be sent details about our next scheduled PPN Information Session. We host monthly 60-minute information sessions designed for individuals and organizations who are interested in learning more about HomeGrown StL and the Preferred Provider Network. Any one is welcome to attend an information session, and attendance of at least one information session is necessary to join the PPN. During this session, you will learn about the HGStL PPN Network Standards, our Governance Model the referral technology and details about how to complete the PPN Registration Process.

3. Complete the HGStL PPN Registration Process

You will receive the links to begin the PPN Registration Process after attending an HGStL PPN Information Session. The PPN registration process contains 3 steps (1) PPN Application, (2) signed partnership agreements, and an (3) initial onboarding meeting. The individual or individuals completing the registration process should have detailed knowledge of the agency’s day-to-day practices and operations.

4. Complete Onboarding & Training

When your agency has finalized and signed the partnership agreements, staff members of your organization who will be involved in the HGStL Preferred Provider Network will receive onboarding and training specific to their roles and according to the unique needs of your organization.For questions about becoming a HGStL Preferred Provider and joining our network, please send an email to Homegrown@wust.eduSubject: Join the PPN