Home Grown Black Males

Fulfilling the expectations of a man by Chester A. Deanes Jr.

My parents migrated to St. Louis from Aberdeen, Mississippi, expecting to build a good life for us. A year later, Daddy left us. He sent us Easter clothes and trunks full of toys during Christmas. He was not present and involved, but he sent packages!

When I was 10, one Saturday after working her second job Momma said, “Son, your father is not returning. I expect you to help the family by working, bringing money in the house and protecting your sisters and brothers.” I said, “Okay, Momma.”

I took odd jobs that consisted of getting groceries, transporting dry cleaning, and shining shoes for neighbors. I brought my few dollars to Momma and we split them 50/50. That was the beginning of being self-sufficient, responsible, and fulfilling expectations. Click here to read more. 

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