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Fathers Support Center helped Mark Seymore double his income by Jordan Wade

He just needed someone to point him in the right direction

Mark Seymore grew up in a neighborhood that police have labeled as one of the highest crime areas in the region, around Page and Goodfellow boulevards in North St. Louis.

“There wasn’t a lot of role models or anything positive to follow,” Seymore said. “It was extremely rough for me because it seems like all the easy routes were the routes I was trying to avoid.”

But he has always prided himself on having the courage to go his own way and stay out of trouble. Life was a struggle for his single mother to raise his three brothers, sister and him, he said.

“We went without lights and water sometimes,” he said. “I know she struggled to put food on the table and clothes on our back. So that right there kind of gives you some ambition to want to change something.”

Seymore found out about the Fathers Support Center at a critical point in his life. Read more here.

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