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04.15.22: Black Men Sidelined by Mental Health: Strategies to Keep them Engaged

Rwenshaun Miller, MSW, LCSW, PhD
Mental Health Change Agent
Executive Director  & Founder, Eustress

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General Admission: $75
PPN Members: $25*
Price is per session
*HGStL Preferred Provider Network member organizations will receive a discount code that can be applied to all workshops offered through the PPN Training Academy

As black males, we have a unique set of challenges to navigate around in this game of life. From stereotypes, poverty rates, and high incarceration; mental health rarely makes the list! We are taught to seek medical attention if we experience broken bones, concussion, or even a torn ligament but we’re not coached on what to do when mental illness takes us out of the game! This is a wake-up call about the deeply rooted damage we are doing to black males because of the stifling effects of the mental health stigma in BIPOC communities.

In this seminar we will explore:

  • How to identify signs and symptoms for mental illness that are commonly dismissed for black men
  • Myths regarding mental illness in the Black community
  • Engagement strategies that work specifically with Black males
  • Solutions and practical strategies for addressing mental health issues among Black males

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