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02.18.22: Avoiding the DSM-5 Trap: Identifying Cultural Norms verses Diagnostic Systems for Black Males

Harold Neighbors, PhD
University of Michigan

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General Admission: $75
PPN Members: $25*
Price is per session
*HGStL Preferred Provider Network member organizations will receive a discount code that can be applied to all workshops offered through the PPN Training Academy

This seminar will focus on attending to cultural norms when considering a DSM-5 diagnosis for Black males. In this seminar we will explore:

  • Identifying the presentation of cultural factors and survival strategies (i.e., paranoia, mistrust, flat affect, lack of interest) for Black males
  • Differentiating between cultural norms versus mental health symptoms for Black males
  • Validating normalized patterns of behavior for Black males that are not diagnostic in nature
  • The ethics of over diagnosis of Black males to gain access to services

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